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Writing Prompt

Your left eye can see the worst in everyone, your right eye can see the best in everyone.


[WP] Your left eye can see the worst in everyone. Your right eye can see the best in everyone. from WritingPrompts

My Entry

            David tapped the tiny machines that covered his eyes. Neither lens was working which meant he was flying blind, literally. Slowing down his flying car as much as was possible without falling to his death, he struggled to get his Vision to turn on again.
            “Gladys, take over driving would you, my Vision isn’t working,” David said aloud. He could barely make out the tiny screens that projected the world around him on to his retinas, but David couldn’t risk taking the eye pieces off. Even on a fast traveling sky speedway, he’d see someone and be lost to the visions.
            “David, you know my autopilot functions aren’t properly calibrated for the skyway. You will have to remove your personal inventions and take the car off the skyway if we are to proceed.” A melodic yet flat sounding voice said over the speakers of the car.
            No matter what he did, he couldn’t get Gladys to call his “personal inventions” Vision. It’s true that he had built the flat cylinders that rest on his eyes himself. People thought he was wearing two monocles until they noticed the tiny red light at the center of each. Vision, as he call it, allowed him to safely see the world without envisioning both horrors and miracles. They allowed him to see the world as it really is, not what might have been or might be. Calling them personal inventions was like telling Edison that the light bulb was a cute little firebug.
            Growling in frustration, he took off the Vision slowly. He hadn’t taken them off for months, adjusting to sunlight would be difficult. “Gladys, can you place a filter on the window that will help me adjust to the light?”
            “Already done, David.”
            “Great,” he said as he lifted the Vision lenses up to his forehead. Keeping his eyelids closed, he could see the light filter through, colored red by his skin. Involuntarily, he smiled. Seeing the world without his Vision was obviously better, but seeing people was not.
            Opening one eye, his right one, the good one, he grabbed the steering wheel and tried to get off the skyway. But he was on the wrong side and would need to look left, which mean opening his bad eye.
            “Gladys, I don’t care if your autopilot isn’t calibrated, if I see someone, try to get us off the skyway in one piece.”
            “I don’t know what you want me to do but…”
            “Just try Gladys, maybe hack into a nearby car and see if you can copy their autopilot functions.”
            “Alright David, but that almost never works.”
            Turning to the left, David opened his left eye as little as possible. And immediately, despite the speed everyone was traveling at, made eye contact with a young woman who was flipping him off, “Gladys take over now.”
            Desperately, David tried to look at the woman with his right eye so both horror and miracles could mix, but, just like always, he wasn’t faster than the horrors. The woman bullying her siblings, girls at school, and random women in public. The woman was yelling and screaming at her kids and husband.
            “Ahhh,” David said, holding his hands to his eyes. He felt a shift of momentum as his car stopped flying forward and started falling down.
            “David, we are plummeting towards the city below due to an autopilot malfunction. You must take control,” Gladys said.
            “I know Gladys,” David said, “I can’t stop them—”
            The woman stood over a body holding a gun, the barrel smoking. She was attacking other girls, cutting up their bodies to fit into designer dresses that couldn’t fit her anymore.
            “David, we have t-minus 17.64 seconds before we hit the tallest buildings beneath us. There is a 100% chance of being fatally wounded.”
            “Yes Gladys,” David said, opening his good eye, “I know.” Shaking his head, he took a few deep breaths and flipped the lens from his Vision down back over his bad eye. Lifting on the controls in front of him, they started to slow down until they were hovering in the air. Looking out the window, David could see the garden that lined the top of an apartment complex with green.
            “That was very close,” David said. As he started to look away, he caught sight of a little boy, who was jumping and pointing at his car.
            “Oh no, Gladys, it’s happening—” David tried to say, before his visions became to powerful.
            The boy grew up and passed school with top marks. At university, he volunteers with disabled children, planting rooftop gardens for apartment buildings, and singing to the elderly. He graduates with a triple major in philosophy, biology, and literature, all in less time it takes others to graduate normally. He becomes doctor and saves thousands by curing all cancer. He becomes a politician that eventually unites the world and takes the human race to the stars.
            “Oh, goodness,” David said, shaking his head again, “If half of the good stuff I see about people was true, we’d live in a very different world.”
            “David, the police have surrounded your vehicle. They are trying to enter my program routines to guide your ship to a safe place.”
            Carefully, David looked up just enough to see the flashing red and blue lights, then he flipped his Vision lens over his good eye and started tapping them. After a few seconds, the lenses kicked back on, allowing him to see the officer hovering next to his window.
            “Oh, so now you stupid things work,” David said, opening his window, “Hello, office. What can I help you with?”

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