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Hey everyone,
This post will be first of many! Every Monday at 5 pm, I’ll post a writing prompt exercise and the words I wrote based on that exercise. Free writing through these writing prompts not only give you a ideas and topics to write about, but also help you increase your writing skill. This Friday (June 22nd) I will be posting my story as a writer and I will also tell y’all what you can expect as far as content from me each month. So stay tuned for that, utilize the prompts to write your own free writing fun, and then enjoy the short prompt writing response I have for you below. Keep writing!

Writing Prompt

On the galactic scene, humans are universally seen as the weakest and most under powered race alive. However everyone knows not to tangle with a human, mostly due to their ridiculous paranoia and ungodly amount of contingency plans


My Entry

            I flipped through my color coded note cards until I found the pink one. This was a pink card situation after all. Staring up at my station readout, I watched the little red arrows move slowly across the screen, heading directly for my ship.
           “Bert, I pray your cards have a backup plan. We’ve got the Althiree on our left and the Kosai on our right. Our ship barely has shields and our weapons are basically sticks and stones compared to what we are facing.”
           Staring forward, I looked at the
wavy blue ridges of my first mate’s back and sighed.
           “Stheral, my cards always have a solution. This time, pink should do nicely.”
           “Pink! But I was just starting to like this ship…” Stheral said.
           I watched as she left her station and headed towards the back of the flight deck.
           “Where are you going?” I asked, spinning in my captains chair, trailing my hand across the low ceiling above.
           Stheral stopped walking and turned around, hands on hips, tongue flashing out to taste the air, and said, “You said pink right? I’m going to go pack my things. Last time we went pink, I lost a years worth of shed-scales. Do you know how much that was worth?”
           “A lot, I know, but that’s the danger of being a pirate,” I said, as I stood and hit my bald head on the ceiling, “See, doesn’t that illustrate my point?”
           “That’s what you get for stealing a ship from a Tinurian,” Stheral said, turning back around to walk out.
           “I don’t want to pull rank, but—”
           “You will—”
           “—I am captain—”
           “—and I still won’t listen,” Stheral said, opening the hatch to the rest of the ship.
           “Oh come one Stheral, I need to know which ship is the best one out there, the best ship with the least number of aliens,” I said, “You know I don’t like killing anyone when I steal.”
           I watched as Stheral sighed and let her shoulders slump, “It’s the reason I stick with you, even though you’re human.”
           “Alright, there we go,” I said, sitting back into my seat and slipping the pink card back into my jacket’s inside pocket, “now get your beautiful blue scales back over here. Your captain commands it.”
           “I’ll tell you which ship to steal after we launch the pod,” Stheral said, “get packing captain, or we’ll leave your stuff behind too.”
           Before I could say anything, I heard the hatch close. Looking back, I said, “Stheral? Stheral?!”
           Behind me, I heard a clicking noise. Turning back around, the communicator screen had lit up. It showed a green furry alien, with a bright blue beak.
           “Captain Bert Reynolds, you stole my daughter’s honeymoon cruiser, I’m here to get it back.” The alien said, the beak clicking at the B in my name.
           “Tora-Ka of the Kosai, it is an honor to meet you,” I said, standing to bow as best as I could with the low ceiling, “I do not know who this Bert Reynolds is, but I will assuredly help you find the fiend.”
           Another screen popped up into view, this time it was a woman with metallic silver hair, metallic bronze skin, and bright emerald green eyes, “Bert, that won’t work this time. I already showed him a picture of you.”
           “Rolindi, you’re looking so beautiful right now. You’ve been to the blacksmiths and had those forged, haven’t you?” I said, smiling.
           “Actually, I have—”
           “Rolindi of the Altiree, remember why we are here.” Tora-Ka said, his beak clicking along with the English words.
           “Oh right,” Rolindi said, she tied up her hair with copper wire and smiled, “I’m here to take back my dowry. I need it for another marriage, since ours ended so badly.”
           I looked back and forth between them multiple times, trying to convey to them that I understood I had no choice but to surrender. Sighing, I made a big show of slumping my shoulders.
           “I see. I have been caught, you may board my ship.” I bowed to both of them until their screens popped out of existence, then I turned to leave.
           “Pod, five minutes,” Stheral yelled over the ships comm system.
           Tapping the comm unit on my collar, I said, “Make that two. These aren’t just aliens, one is the king of the Kosai, and the other is my ex-wife. Everybody move.”
           Opening the hatch, I tapped my front jacket pocket and smiled. My color coded backup plans never failed.

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