Agent Update #1

Agent Update #1

November 19, 2019

This marks the first of many Agent updates I’m going to post. The purpose of these updates is to highlight specific agents from the publishing industry who are active and working to sell books for authors. My focus will be on highlighting agents who have recently (last 6 months) sold a debut author books. It won’t always be debut fiction, but it will be debut in some way. I’ll give you their name, agency, contact information, and whether or not they are actively open to queries, as well as some suggestions on querying them.

My hope is that these updates will give some of you writers out there a place to start when no one in the industry gives us that. If you have any requests for genre-specific posts, contact me and I’ll see what I can do!

Allison Hellegers

Agency: Stimola Literary Agent

Represents: YA, MG fiction and picture books

Deals: 32 in the last year

Debut sold: Catriona Silvey’s MEET ME IN ANOTHER LIFE, The Time Traveler’s Wife with a Black Mirror Twist to Julia Elliot at William Morrow, with UK rights to Natasha Bardon at Voyager.

Twitter: @allidhellegers



Her Guidelines: Please send me your middle-grade and young adult submissions: I’m looking for strong, real voices (#ownvoices a plus!), diverse stories, gut-wrenching romance (including all LGBTQ+), coming-of-age family dynamics/drama, immersive speculative fiction, charming magical realism, quirky humor, witty psychological thrillers, and/or any book that will completely surprise me. My sweet spot is YA/adult crossover, as I love books that both teens and adults can equally enjoy. While I tend to be drawn to darker, more subversive issues, I also love a feel-good escapist rom-com. And any book that plays with narrative structure and layout is a plus! My picture book taste leans towards author-illustrator talent with contemporary appeal, humor, and heart. I will accept referrals from clients and industry professionals for adult fiction and non-fiction. **Please cut and paste the first 10 pages below the body of the e-mail.** (copied from


Notes: Allison seems well established as an agent and does a great job of maximizing an author’s earning potential by selling different types of rights, especially international rights, to get the best deal for you.

Alexandra Levick

Agency: Writer’s House LLC (Currently a Junior Agent)

Deals: 3 in the last year

Debut sold: Ashley Bloom’s EVERY BONE A PRAYER, The Lovely Bones meets Where the Crawdads Sing to Shana Drehs at Sourcebooks in a 2-book deal

Twitter: @allielevick



Her Guidelines: Find her Manuscript Wishlist at

Publisher’s Marketplace Link:


Notes: Junior Agents are a great way to break in because they’re some of the most motivated people to find new talent. 

Dan Lazar

Agency: Writer’s House LLC

Represents: Literary and commercial fiction, Women’s fiction, Historical fiction, Thrillers, Mysteries, Gay and Lesbian, YA, MG, Graphic Novels or Memoirs, Judaica, Memoir, Narrative Non-fiction, Fitness, Pop-Culture, Humor

Deals: 12 in the last year

Debut sold: Rachel Givney’s JANE IN LOVE, where 28-year-old Jane Austen time-travels to modern-day Bath, England and has to make the decision whether to stay in the future and fall in love or go back in time and writer her novels.

Twitter & Instagram: @danlazaragent



Publisher’s Marketplace Link (follow for Guidelines):


Notes: Junior Agents are a great way to break in because they’re some of the most motivated people to find new tale

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